Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center


The PRABI-AMSB (for Analysis and Modelling of Biological Systems) platform proposes bioinformatics services for biologists who need assistance with specific tools or in-depth expertise for more important projects.

The complexity and diversity of the available bioinformatics tools and models make their use difficult for biologists. Moreover, the huge quantity of -omics data - including those generated by NGS techniques - now require the use of a computing cluster, grid or cloud in order to analyse them. In this context, the mission of the PRABI-AMSB is to provide a support for biologists who need to perform bioinformatics and/or biostatistics analyses of their data.

The expertise available at PRABI-AMSB covers the following areas :

A more detailed description of the expertise provided by PRABI-AMSB is available in the PRABI_poster document (in french).

This help can be provided on a specific question or within a large research project (including a response to ANR project call). In this case we will provide a feasibility study and we will contribute to the elaboration of the experimental plan. Also, regular reports will be produced all along the duration of the project.

Note that all the services we provide are charged, and the corresponding fees validated by the UCBL adminsitration are listed in the PRABI_charges document. Also, you can download and complete the PRABI_project form if you want to submit a project by mail.

For any further information, contact Guy Perrière at : guy.perriere[at]

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