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A suite for Automatic molecular modelling of proteins

Geno3D is an automatic web server for protein molecular modelling. Starting with a query protein sequence, the server performs the homology modelling in six successive steps : (i) identify homologous proteins with known 3D structures by using PSI-BLAST ; (ii) provide the user all potential templates through a very convenient user interface for target selection ; (iii) perform the alignment of both query and subject sequences ; (iv) extract geometrical restraints (dihedral angles and distances) for corresponding atoms between the query and the template ; (v) perform the 3D construction of the protein by using a distance geometry approach and (vi) finally send the results by e-mail to the user.

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Publication : Geno3d : Automatic Comparative Molecular Modelling of Protein C. Combet, M. Jambon, G. Deleage and C. Geourjon (2002) Bioinformatics 18 : 213-214