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WWW-Query is a flexible retrieval system for selecting sequences and gene families in databases available on the PBIL server. Many selection criteria can be chosen from [1] and combined using logical operators to build a complex query.

A list containing the sequences or families matching the query is created, and stored temporarily on the server. This list can be retrieved, used to refine the query ("Modify") and serve as input for analysis tools integrated on the server (such as pattern search, computation of codon or amino-acid frequencies, multivariate statistical methods...) .

In a list of families, each family can be displayed both as an alignment and as a phylogenetic tree.

Use WWW-Query

See WWW-Query help

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[1] Keyword, Keywords list, Name, Name list, Accession number, Acc. number list, Species, Family ID, Family ID list, Type, Year, Organelle, Molecule, Reference, Author, Journal, Status