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AT_CHLORO is database dedicated to the chloroplast proteome from Arabidopsis thaliana. An AMT database gathers protein identifications related to a given biological system. LC-MS/MS analyses performed on a high resolution mass spectrometer are used to generate the AMT database where analytical coordinates (RT = retention time, Mr = molecular weight) of the peptides are stored. Using this analytical information an AMT database is meant to be used for label-free quantification experiments at the scale of the chosen biological system.

The AT_CHLORO database stores information for proteins that have been identified in different sub-fractions obtained from A. thaliana chloroplasts (Ferro et al., 2010). Several types of information can be found in the AT_CHLORO database :

subplastidial localization (Envelope, Stroma, Thylakoids) as revealed by spectral counting analytical coordinates (RT, Mr) of all the peptides corresponding to the proteins stored in the database curated localization and function of proteins that were identified in envelope fractions links to public web sites (TAIR, PPDB, AtProteome, SUBA, Aramemnon)

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