Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center


Bioinformatics and evolutionary genomics research team

Main themes :

Molecular evolution of genomes

- Evolution of the organisation of animal and bacterial genomes

- Isochore structure of vertebrate genomes

- Chirochore structure (i.e., GC skew) of bacterial genomes

- Identification of functional motifs

- Effect of mutation pressure and of selection on codon usage

- Impact of genetic recombination on genome evolution

Molecular phylogeny

- Prokaryotic phylogeny

- Horizontal gene transfers

Methodological research

- Algorithmics of sequences : motif extraction, genome organisation, molecules in space, networks

- Modelling of mutational processes

- Knowledge representation applied to genomic mapping

- Databases of families of homologous genes

- Data analysis applied to sequences

- Software development for molecular phylogeny

The team participates in the HELIX project.