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ArthropodaCyc A BioCyc database powered by CycADS to study and compare the metabolism of arthropods.

A database to study arthropods metabolism The genome sequence for several arthropods is available and more genomes will be sequenced in the near future (e.g the i5K Arthropod Sequencing Initiative). Collecting and organizing information into databases is usefull for the researchers studying the metabolism of their newly sequenced model organisms, and to better understand different aspects of arthropods biology. Furthermore, the availability of multiple species genome sequences open the way to comparative studies.

From AcypiCyc to ArthropodaCyc CycADS has been successfully used to generate AcypiCyc, the pea aphid BioCyc database, and we decided to build a (metabol)omic database for other arthropods, which genome sequence is available. We kept the same workflow parameters for collecting data from metabolomic annotation methods (KAAS, Blast2GO, Priam, PhylomeDB). ArthropodaCyc allows to benefit of the metabolic pathway tools.

A tool for reseachers interested in arthropods metabolism With ArthropodaCyc, we wish to participate to the information exchange between researchers studying arthropods metabolism. We are open to collaborations with arthropod genome sequencing projects, to help with the annotation of metabolism.

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