Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center

Publications acknowledging PRABI-AMSB

The articles listed in this page correspond to research works that have acknowledged the PRABI-AMSB.


Besnard, F., Refahi, Y., Morin, V., Marteaux, B., Brunoud, G., Chambrier, P., Rozier, F., Mirabet, V., Legrand, J., Laine, S., Thevenon, E., Farcot, E., Cellier, C., Das, P., Bishopp, A., Dumas, R., Parcy, F., Helariutta, Y., Boudaoud, A., Godin, C., Traas, J., Guedon, Y. and Vernoux, T. (2014) Cytokinin signalling inhibitory fields provide robustness to phyllotaxis. Nature, 505, 417-421. [PubMed]

Kyselková, M., Almario, J., Kopecký, J., Ságová-Marečková, M., Haurat, J., Muller, D., Grundmann, G.L. and Moënne-Loccoz, Y. (2014) Evaluation of rhizobacterial indicators of tobacco black root rot suppressiveness in farmers’ fields. Environ. Microbiol. Reports, in press.


Almario, J., Kyselková, M., Kopecký, J., Ságová-Marečková, M., Muller, D, Grundmann, G.L., Moënne-Loccoz, Y. (2013) Assessment of the relationship between geologic origin of soil, rhizobacterial community composition and soil receptivity to tobacco black root rot in Savoie region (France). Plant and Soil, 371, 397-408.


Bouffaud, M.L., Kyselková, M., Gouesnard, B., Grundmann, G., Muller, D. and Moënne-Loccoz, Y. (2012) Is diversification history of maize influencing selection of soil bacteria by roots ? Mol. Ecol., 21, 195-206. [PubMed]


Kopecky, J., Kyselková, M., Omelka, M., Cermak, L., Novotna, J., Grundmann, G.L., Moënne-Loccoz, Y. and Ságová-Marečková, M. (2011) Actinobacterial community dominated by a distinct clade in acidic soil of a waterlogged deciduous forest. FEMS Microbiol. Ecol., 78, 386-394. [PubMed]

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