Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center


Structural NMR and Bioinformatics Team

Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines UMR CNRS-UCBL 5086

Group leaders : G. Deléage and F. Penin

Our team is mainly involved in the study of the 3D organisation of proteins and their folding in connection with their biological activities. To this goal, theoretical approaches (Bioinformatics, computer science, molecular modeling) are combined with experimental ones (molecular biology, circular dichroism, fluorescence, NMR). Our main biological research field is the study of proteins of the virus of the hepatitis C ( VHC).

In the bioinformatics field, our team ( is developing methods and tools required for the analysis of protein sequences and structures, the prediction of protein structure (at secondary and tertiary levels), and molecular rmodeling. All these developments are made accessible to the academic community through Web services.


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