Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center


(ANalyse THE PROTeins) is the result of about 20 years of biocomputing activity of a group at Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins. The main idea was to integrate into a single program most of the methods designed for protein sequence/structure analysis. Most efforts were made to offer a very intuitive interface with display of interactive graphs. ANTHEPROT can be viewed as a plateform that is able to welcome external methods (Muscle, ClustalW, Multalin, BLAST, FASTA, PROSITE, BLOCKS profiles, secondary structure prediction methods such as Predator, PHD, GOR, DPM, SOPM, SOPMA). ANTHEPROT offers additional tools (Amino acids composition, Matrix dot plot, helical wheels, Signal peptide prediction, Transmembrane topology prediction, Titration curve, physico-chemical profiles, Kyte and Doolittle, Boger, Parker, antigenicity). ANTHEPROT is able to communicate in a client/server mode with the NPS@ server for databanks access. ANTHEPROT has a powerful 3D independant module download Antheprot 3D.

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