Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center


Mission statement : The ProteHome Website is a portal dedicated to resources for experimental proteomics by making these available to the scientific community. The aim of ProteHome is to contribute directly to the set up of services and resources for experimentalist and computer scientist involved in proteomics analysis and data handling.

ProteHome Content :

* A "deambulum " for experimental proteomics (documents, tutorials, useful links...)

* Public repository for tools and proteomics data produced by the national community

* Scientific community animation (news, announcements, national workgroup...) * Web access to software developped by contributors and partners

Contributors and partners :

* PRABI, Rhône-alpes Genopole bioinformatics platform (Grenoble)

* MIGALE bioinformatics platform (Jouy-en-josas)

* Rhône-alpes Genopole proteomics platform (Grenoble) * Ouest-Genopole proteomics platform (Rennes) * Genopole Midi-Pyrénées proteomics platform (Toulouse)

Acknowledments :

* ProteHome is a collaborative initiative funded and supported by the RNG (French national genopole network) and ReNaBi (French bioinformatics platforms network).

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