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VirHostNet (Virus-Host Network) is a knowledgebase system dedicated to the curation, the integration, the management and the analysis of virus-host molecular (mainly protein-protein) interaction networks as well as their functional annotation (molecular functions, cellular pathways, protein domains). VirHostNet contains high quality and up-to-date information gathered and curated from public databases (VirusMint, Intact, HIV-1 database). An extensive literature curation process was also initiated and has significantly increased the amount of available data in the fields. Altogether VirHostNet provides to the scientist community the most complete and accurate source of virus-virus and virus-host protein-protein interactions.

The VirHostNet knowledgebase system will speed up systems biology analysis of infectious diseases and will provide new insights for antiviral drug design. We hope this unique resource will also help worldwide scientist to improve our knowledge on molecular mechanisms involved in antiviral response mediated by the cell and in viral strategies developed to evade and hijack host immune system.

Please cite "VirHostNet : a knowledgebase for the management and the analysis of proteome wide virus-host interaction networks." Navratil V. et al. january 2009 Nucleic Acids Research - database issue

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