Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center


Christine Oger

Research engineer (IR2 UCBL)

I am working as a research engineer at the PRABI-AMSB facility in Lyon. I have a background in ecology and evolutionary biology (I did my phD on the evolution of reproductive systems in plants). I currently provide expertise and run analyses in bioinformatics and biostatistics for a variety of projects from biologists.

Current projects I am focusing on include :
- soil metatranscriptome analyses using high-throughput sequencing (EUMETASOL project)
- prokaryotic genome assembly and expression analysis using RNA-seq

Some recent projects :
- transcriptome analysis using RNA-seq data (Xenope, Aedes)
- microarray data analyses (Nimblegen, Agilent, Affymetrix) for studying expression of phytopathogenic bacteria (Dickeya dadantii and Agrobacterium tumefaciens), or for studying aggressiveness of thyroid cancers,
- soil metatranscriptome analyses (Sanger sequencing),
- plant (Silene) cDNA annotation projects (Sanger and high-throughput sequencing technologies)

I also contribute to the training sessions for biologists proposed by the PRABI ("Introduction to R" and "RNA-seq analyses using Galaxy").

Tel : 33 (0)